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Re: spawn broken on IDL 5.3 / solaris ?

Unix IDL 5.3 also has another problem:  idlde doesn't handle files greater
a few hundred lines in its editor.  More lines than that and they just don't
up on the screen. Tech support told me they switched to a 3rd party
chroma-color-enabled editor in 5.3.  They did not tell me when to expect
a fix.


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Martin Rother <rother@mt11.gfz-potsdam.de> wrote in message
>    hi IDL wizards,
>    (first I apologize for my bad english)
>    I'm running IDL scripts communicating with fortran-programs
>    (f77, i.e. calculation of geomag.field/IGRF) by bidirectional pipes
>    created from 'spawn' command (with keyword 'unit')
>    this works fine for years. now (with IDL 5.3) I found the spawned
>    vanished without any message, more or less immediately -- and
>    the next (first) 'readf, unit, buf' fail, of course -- or, worse,
>    IDL terminates with 'segmentation fault'.
>    I found that this 'segmentation fault' depends on
>    the way I'm assembling the string given into the pipe.
>    only if the string is created by a simple dummy = 'something' statement
>    printing/writing from pipe succeed.
>    after downgrading to 'IDL 5.2' all is working fine again.
>    I can't belive, that THIS usefull feature (one benefit
>    of IDL over 'matlab'?) is broken.  kkkkrrrrxxxxxxx....!
>    I searched 'dejanews' and found some articles about this (or similar)
>    subject, but I found no workaround and remain hopeless.
>    have I to stick on version 5.2 forever?
>    (my environment: sparc, solaris 2.6 + 2.7 and enough memory...)
>    thanks in advance for hints.
>         best regards,
>         martin rother.
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