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Re: netCDF tools?

I just was cheking out the unidata website and there a host of user
contributed netcdf tools in a variety of code flavours. Check out:


Lotsa neato stuff including an IDL tools that lets you read *and*
display netCDF data. I haven't tested it but it says it can do it!



Martin Schultz wrote:
> Hi,
>    before I sit down and start writing my own stuff, I'd like to ask you
> whether anyone
> has created some suite of tools for netCDF files which allow for batch
> processing
> and possibly some interactive use. What I am especially interested in is
> something
> to extract a suite of variables from a series of netCDF files and
> combine them into a new file (or append to an existing file).
> Background: I need to create time series from model output which is
> stored in huge one-file-contains-it-all files each covering only a
> limited amount of time.
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