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Re: interpreter access

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, David Fanning wrote:

> Thomas Fechner (tfes@my-deja.com) writes:
> > my next task is to realize a GUI with IDL and I
> > want to call some external commands (C-programms,
> > shell scripts, IDL-functions etc.) from widgets
> > directly and (that's my problem) also copy these
> > commands to the IDL command window (interpreter
> > window). Is there any possibiltiy to access the
> > interpreter window from any IDL widgets and what
> > is to do therefore?
> The easiest way to gain access to the IDL command
> interpreter from any program is to use the "virtual 
> functions": Call_Function, Call_Procedure, and Call_Method.
> And for what those don't do, there is good ol'
> Execute to mop up the rest. :-)

Also (assuming I understand the question), you can get whatever you
execute to print out to the command window simply using idl's print
statement, since all these functions take string arguments.  There'll be
a little wrangling to get all the arguments to print out, but nothing too 

STEVE! (chetelat@csee.usf.edu)(steve@moffitt.usf.edu)