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Re: netCDF tools?

Martin Schultz wrote:
> Hi,
>    before I sit down and start writing my own stuff, I'd like to ask you
> whether anyone
> has created some suite of tools for netCDF files which allow for batch
> processing
> and possibly some interactive use. What I am especially interested in is
> something
> to extract a suite of variables from a series of netCDF files and
> combine them into a new file (or append to an existing file).
> Background: I need to create time series from model output which is
> stored in huge one-file-contains-it-all files each covering only a
> limited amount of time.
> Any help appreciated,

I have -- at least what I think is -- a generic netCDF reader for IDL.
You can get it at:


and click on the "NetCDF" link. A colleague of mine wrote a GUI wrapper
for this routine allowing the user to select the variables to read from
a netCDF file. I've CC'd him on this as I don't know where that piece of
code resides. I used my netCDF reader for batch processing of gobs and
gobs of satellite sensor test data so it may fit your bill.

The same colleague also used some unix tools (scripts? compiled C?) to
manipulate netCDF files which may be more useful. If he doesn't reply
let me know and I'll harass him a bit more. :o)

good luck.

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