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Re: heap_gc behaviour

rother@gfz-potsdam.de (rother@gfz-potsdam.de) writes:

>       aaahhh, pedantic mode is not helpfull 
>       in the moment, but it will be added before 
>       launch... 
>      nowadays most the time I'm hunting in an irregular, 
>      undiscovered, sometimes hostile data-space,
>      interactive in emacs idl-pvwave mode and try to 
>      survive with hybris and tons of existing or
>      'ad-hoc' tools. probably very common...
>      I don't want to fight against IDL too --
>      but while IDL *promised* an umbrella (i.e. 'heap_gc')
>      I was flying into a passion when I got the
>      impression, that this umbrella don't work 
>      *just* in the case of rain.
> > Much better to learn how to free pointers and
> > destroy objects correctly than have to resort to
>      ok, I will go back to C where I'm starting
>      fifteen years ago. oh, not really... :-)

Ah, well, no one said life was going to be easy. I only 
learned how to free pointers and objects because my programs
were embarrassing the hell out of me with memory leaks
every time I offered one up to the newsgroup. Now I
have the conviction of a reformed smoker. :-)

Take three deep breaths and spend five minutes
thinking about it. It will be done...without 
resorting to C. :-)


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