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Work at RSI!

You've been using IDL for years and you like it! You're the "go-to" person
for difficult IDL-related questions in your organization. Perhaps there are
even some things about IDL that you wish were different or you think could
be better.  Here's your chance to do something about it.

We're looking for people with one foot in science and the other foot in
programming (and an understanding of both) to contribute to future IDL

Candidates will be responsible for all aspects of a project from design to
development to product launch. Candidates must show attention to detail in
their work, have good oral and written communication skills and demonstrate
that they work will under pressure as well as in a fast paced team
environment. Preference will be given to those candidates that have
experience with cross-platform application development under Macintosh,
UNIX, and/or Windows (Win32, MFC, COM) using C/C++, and a thorough
understanding of IDL programming.

Prior experience in either a scientific or medical field is an asset.  Visit
our web site http:www.rsinc.com for more information and details, or send
your cover letter and resume to jobs@rsinc.com.