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Then the cause was the name mangling that C++ performs on the function.  
If you need to use C++, then you must either use the mangled name or 
compile the interface function as C and delare it as: 
extern "C" {
 [type] emfit_xy_array([parameters]);

In article <38EB4EA1.2ED12D97@va.aetc.com>,
Bernard Puc  <bpuc@va.aetc.com> wrote:
>Let me reply to my own message...The problem lies somewhere in the
>compile.  I was able to make things work by changing the source code
>file extensions from *.cc to *.c.  Apparently the c++ compiler was begin
>used instead of the gcc compiler.
>Bernard Puc wrote:
>> Hello,
>>         I'd appreciate any ideas from you folks on the possible causes of the
>> following error message.  I'm compiling a shareable object on linux and
>> I get the following error message when I try to use it.  I've
>> successfully compiled other C routines into shareable objects for IDL
>> and thought I knew what I was doing.  Now I believe it was just luck.
>> % CALL_EXTERNAL: Error loading sharable executable.
>>                  Symbol: emfit_xy_array, File =
>>                  /home/bpuc/C_code/emfit/betafit.linux.so
>>                  /home/bpuc/C_code/emfit/betafit.linux.so: undefined
>> symbol:
>>                  emfit_xy_array
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