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Re: really dumb widget question

Mark Fardal (fardal@weka.astro.umass.edu) writes:

> When IDL is stopped within a procedure, a non-blocking widget will
> still listen to events.  But it won't act on them.  Why not?  Is there 
> any way to make it act on them?  

I presume because STOP means STOP. If it meant MOSTLY STOP,
I expect RSI would hear about it. :-)

I would try .CONTINUE to get them going again. 

> I guess my problem is understanding how the widget event loop interacts
> with the command line.  Widgetheads, please help.

I'm going to botch this completely, but this is the way
I understand it. (Note, you don't really have to understand
it to write decent programs, thank goodness!) When RSI gave
us widget programs that ran at the same time as the command
line, they had to rewrite the interactive parser to distinguish
between a real command and a "widget command" (for lack of a better
term). Presumably when you STOP the command line interpreter,
you also stop this widget command parser and how it works
(I really have no idea). Wave, wave, ....

Anyhow, .Continue should set you right. :-(



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