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Re: interactive plotting and ps output.

Theo Brauers wrote:
 Is there anything
out which can provide interactive changing of axis, title, ....
with the full set of options of PLOT, OPLOT, AXIS, .... ?

Several groups have, I believe, wrapped a GUI around RSI's direct graphics
routines (plot, tv, surface, etc.).    I think there are some such applications at the Astronomy User's Library (http://idlastro.gsfc.nasa.gov/homepage.html) which is organized by Wayne Landsman.

Our local efforts to do this kind of thing can be found as part of
a large astronomical analysis package called TARA.  The GUI designs are not
nearly as slick as the Insight stuff, but I think our tools provide more capabilities
that are of interest to scientists.  Anyway, if you want to read about them start
with section 7 of http://www.astro.psu.edu/xray/docs/TARA/TARA_users_guide/node1.html
and if you want to play with the code go to http://www.astro.psu.edu/xray/docs/TARA/

*Since this code was _not_ written for the express purpose of sharing with the IDL community, the header comments of the routines are not of the quality you would expect from, say, Fanning Software Consulting.
*TARA has never been tried under Microsoft Windows (as far as I know) and I hope to
avoid doing so for a long long time (I am happily ignorant about Windows -- not a
good career move).

Good luck with your quest,
Patrick Broos

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