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interactive plotting and ps output.


I followed the discussion about object graphics and real(vector)
postscript files. After I realized that object graphics can write 
ps vector code I'd like to renovate a widget driven tool and I'd 
like to have a live_tools like functionality where you click on 
axis, data, ... with some more options like second y axis, all 
the things which we have in direct graphics. Is there anything 
out which can provide interactive changing of axis, title, .... 
with the full set of options of PLOT, OPLOT, AXIS, .... ?

Thanks Theo

Theo Brauers
Institut fuer Atmosphaerische Chemie (ICG-3)
Forschungszentrum Juelich
52425 JUELICH, Germany
Tel. +49-2461-61-6646    Fax. +49-2461-61-5346