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Re: interactive plotting and ps output.

Hi Theo,

I've been working on a program that requires the same sort of plot
manipulation that you describe, and in the process have been forced to
build my own general-purpose object-graphics plot object-widget (that
is, an object-widget that draws customizable plots using object
graphics).  Object graphics simplifies things like data-picking, which
is necessary in order to select components of the plot for modification.

However, I have found that getting plots that are even close to the same
quality as direct-graphics gets extremely tedious.  If the output
quality (ie the publishability of the titles and axes, etc.) is
important to you, you might be better off with a direct-graphics
solution (-that is unless you need fancy 3-d features and lighting
effects as well).

good luck


Theo Brauers wrote:

> Hi:
> I followed the discussion about object graphics and real(vector)
> postscript files. After I realized that object graphics can write
> ps vector code I'd like to renovate a widget driven tool and I'd
> like to have a live_tools like functionality where you click on
> axis, data, ... with some more options like second y axis, all
> the things which we have in direct graphics. Is there anything
> out which can provide interactive changing of axis, title, ....
> with the full set of options of PLOT, OPLOT, AXIS, .... ?
> Thanks Theo
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