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Re: interactive plotting and ps output.

Brad Gom (b_gom@hotmail.com) writes:

> However, I have found that getting plots that are even close to the same
> quality as direct-graphics gets extremely tedious.  If the output
> quality (ie the publishability of the titles and axes, etc.) is
> important to you, you might be better off with a direct-graphics
> solution (-that is unless you need fancy 3-d features and lighting
> effects as well).

This has certainly been my experience. For example, I wrote
a very nice direct graphics contour object that gives the
user complete interactivity with menus and forms, etc. to
display the graphic in any form they like. The huge advantage
of a direct graphics contour object (aside from the obvious
one of no contour labelling in object graphics) is that
printing and saving the file in various formats is trivially


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