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bad axis label day


I liked Liam's trick for respacing the axis labels.  (Would
crossreference it here, but I'm gnus-impaired.)  And I thought I could
use it already.  But it doesn't seem to work for the particular case I
need, which is the top X axis label.

Should this be considered a bug?  Is there a trick to push the axis
label up rather than down?

plot, findgen(100), position=[0.2, 0.2, 0.8, 0.8], /norm, xstyle=8, ystyle=8, $
  xtitle='X axis title: one!Ctwo!Cthree', $
  ytitle='Y axis title: one!Ctwo!Cthree'
axis, /xaxis, xrange=[0,1], xtitle='X axis title: one!Ctwo!Cthree'
axis, /yaxis, yrange=[0,1], ytitle='Y axis title: one!Ctwo!Cthree'

This behavior is not there to protect the plot title, because that
overwrites the axis label as it is.

Mark Fardal