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Re: bad axis label day

Mark Fardal wrote:
> Hi,
> I liked Liam's trick for respacing the axis labels.  (Would
> crossreference it here, but I'm gnus-impaired.)  And I thought I could
> use it already.  But it doesn't seem to work for the particular case I
> need, which is the top X axis label.
> Should this be considered a bug?  Is there a trick to push the axis
> label up rather than down?
> plot, findgen(100), position=[0.2, 0.2, 0.8, 0.8], /norm, xstyle=8, ystyle=8, $
>   xtitle='X axis title: one!Ctwo!Cthree', $
>   ytitle='Y axis title: one!Ctwo!Cthree'
> axis, /xaxis, xrange=[0,1], xtitle='X axis title: one!Ctwo!Cthree'
> axis, /yaxis, yrange=[0,1], ytitle='Y axis title: one!Ctwo!Cthree'
> This behavior is not there to protect the plot title, because that
> overwrites the axis label as it is.
> Mark Fardal
> UMass

Hi Mark,
    As far as I can tell, the only way to move x-axis labels (either top
or bottom axis) *up* the page is to use !a, which moves them up about
half a line, but only works once in a line -- you can't apply it
repeatedly to move more steps. The trailing !C trick works for the plot
title (but not subtitle) and the left (but not right!) y axis; preceding
!C seems to work everywhere, but that isn't always the direction you
want to go. 

You might be able to get more pleasing results by fiddling with the
margins (which are measured in character units) or the POSITION keyword
(which is measured in fractions of the window size), but that has its
own pitfalls and frustrations.

Rachel Howe
National Solar Observatory
Tucson, AZ