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In article <38F74A43.CD541F69@ion.le.ac.uk>,
	Nigel Wade <nmw@ion.le.ac.uk> writes:
> "Robert S. Mallozzi" wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Does anyone have any experience using DLMs under
>> IRIX 6.5?  I have a DLM that works fine under Linux,
>> but fails under IRIX.  I then tried the IDL example
>> called "testmodule" that comes with the distribution,
>> and it fails with the same error under IRIX - the
>> DLM cannot be loaded:
>>    [ example cut ]
> It's most likely the SGI ABI problem. 
> IDL used to be a o32 binary, so any external code had to be built
> using the -o32 compiler flag.  I cannot remember which version 
> was the first to become N32, 5.1 was o32 and 5.2.1 is n32, but I 
> don't know what 5.2 is.
> You can check by the command :
> file /usr/local/rsi/idl_5.2/bin/bin.sgi/idl
> If is is listed as ELF 32-bit MSB then you need to build the DLMs
> with the -o32 flag.
> All I had to change to build the testmodule DLM was to change the
> IRIX to IRIX64 in the Makefile. My default compiler options are
> abi=n32:isa=mips3:proc=r4k and this worked with IDL 5.2.1.

Thank you sir, that did it.  IDL 5.2 is o32, so adding the -o32
flag to the compiler and linker did the trick.


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