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DXDEBUG - command line debugging

Here is DXDEBUG, my shot at an improved command line debugging

http://cow.physics.wisc.edu/~craigm/idl/idl.html     (under Miscellaneous)

Command line debugging with IDL has always been difficult.  It does
provide excellent abilities to interactively query and set variables,
but only at one level -- the deepest level.  Generally, when debugging
a larger suite of programs one can have procedures and functions that
nest several levels deep.  Since one procedure can call another, or
even itself, this is a natural effect.  If an error occurs in a
procedure several levels deep, knowing the values of variables at
higher levels (i.e., the calling routines) can be useful and time
saving.  Unfortunately IDL has no documented provisions for doing

The procedures in the package supply convenience routines for
navigating up and down the IDL call stack (DXUP and DXDOWN); for
interogating and modifying IDL variables at any levels in the call
stack (DXHELP, DXPRINT, DXGET, DXSET); and for quickly setting and
clearing breakpoints (DXBREAK, DXFINISH and DXCLEAR).  The package is
based upon invaluable discussions about the undocumented
ROUTINE_NAMES() function on the comp.lang.idl-pvwave Usenet newsgroup.


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