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Re: Characters and buttons

Jan Cami <jancami@my-deja.com> writes:

> Hi folks,
> This looks like the ideal place to post this question :
> is it possible -- well, given the excellent people around here, I will
> rephrase this --
> How can I put things like superscript, Greek letters, ... onto
> a widget_button ?
> Say that I want a button that would show something like
> "F!D!7k!N!5".
> Any hints ??

An untested suggestion...

Maybe you could create the button with an image?

You could create an off-screen window, use XYOUTS to create your text,
and then TVRD the image.  Then you can create the button with the
BITMAP keyword, using the image you just loaded.  I can see lots of
places to go awry, especially on how to make a window of the right
size.  Good luck!


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