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PickData Method on IDLgrWindow Object

Has anyone noticed any differences with the Pickdata method in the IDL 5.3.1

I have a fairly complex window with one main model (oModel) which has
several other Models added to it each of which having many objects (such as
Polylines, texture-mapped polygons etc.) and each having a different

Using the following statement on the overall model (allowing the user to
pick anything on screen) :
pick = sState.oWindow->PickData(sState.oView,$
                                                 sState.oModel, $

The data point, dataxyz, never seems to look right.  Even when I select a
point on a  IDLgrAxis object (which belongs directly to oModel), I never get
the expected data point (ie. picking on the x axis should return a point
with the range [ 0.0-1.0, 0 , 0 ] but there always seems to be some
component of y
and z ?? It does however return correctly if I have selected the line (axis)
or hit the background.

Anyone know whats going on or have similar experience ?