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Re: idl 5.3, problem with plots and mapping environments


I agree with David that this looks like a programming error. Now I am
going to go and check my over the pole cases to see if I get a similiar

>But now I have to find a way to determine that a mapping environemt
> is in place inside the plotter   -- and a cursory, but fairly
> thorough examination  of the !map environment variable revealed no
> obvious way to make this determination, or send in a keyword telling
> the plotter that it's in   a mapping environment and please check
>for boundary cases like   plotting over a pole. Which means I have to
> chase through all my   code changing the calls.

You can check to see if the mapping environment is current with the
!x.type variable.  If !x.type = 3 then map_set has been called.


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