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Re: Expanding IDL's list of approved image formats


I think David's hidden suggestion is,  'you better write it yourself'.

Your question does raise an important issue.  It  seems like a common issue,
too.  There are ten gazillion 'standard' formats for data as produced by
different companies.  Your example, ACR/NEMA, is just one.   I have been
wrestling with IPLAB image formats (an complex of binary header, binary data,
and PICT vector overlays)  and the NOAA raster charts (ASCII header and
run-length compressed binary data.), neither of which have I fully figured
out.   More recently, I have been working on code to read the output logs
from SEABIRD CTD instruments.  David has a recent example of reading 12bit
images stored in a 16bit format or some such thing.   While these images may
be 'standards' for the commercial outfit that produces them, they are
certainly not universal, like TIFF, JPEG, ...

It is a shame there isn't a public repository of IDL code to read/write these
obscure but 'standard' formats.

Good luck!


David Fanning wrote:

> Michael Cugley (mjcugley@medphys.dundee.ac.uk) writes:
> > Is there a (relatively) painless way to convince IDL to accept a new
> > image format?  I'm writing an application that has to load in the
> > currently approved types *and* ACR/NEMA files.  It'd be most convenient
> > if I could just get IDL to add ACR/NEMA to its list of formats, and then
> > use the inbuilt image loading/writing dialogs and routines...
> >
> > Can anyone help?
> I think the most effective strategy would be a hunger strike.
> Not only is it (relatively) painless, but with a handful of
> us dying every day, RSI would have no choice but to capitulate
> quickly. The hard part will be publicising that there are
> thousands of us out here willing to die for...what was
> the name of that format, again?
> Power to the people!
> Cheers,
> David
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