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Re: Expanding IDL's list of approved image formats

Ben Tupper wrote:

> I think David's hidden suggestion is,  'you better write it yourself'.

Well, yes.  To rephrase what I meant [which may not be what I *wrote* :)], I've
written a routine to load ACR/NEMA files, but it sure would be convenient to be
able to tell IDL about my nice new READ_ACRNEMA function so that, say, the
DIALOG_READ_IMAGE popup will show ACR/NEMA files as "images".  As it stands it
looks like I'm going to have to add my own cludgy routine after the fact, or
rewrite QUERY_IMAGE or something.

> It is a shame there isn't a public repository of IDL code to read/write these
> obscure but 'standard' formats.

We shall have to make one...