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Re: Almost dead widgets

David Fanning wrote:

> Do you have access to the IDL command line when everything
> goes to hell in a handbasket? If so, have you tried typing
> Widget_Control, /Reset?

No, I don't have access to the command line until AFTER I manually interrupt
immediately after the crash.   Because I must manually
interrupt, does that mean that I'm in an unfinshed event loop?

> But that "checkerboard" thing makes
> me think the window manager is corrupted somehow. I'd try
> a .Reset_Session, just for grins, before I reached for that
> IDL Quit button, but that may be your own recourse.

Just to be clear, I can minimize these windows after the crash... hence the
checkerboard of 'dead' icons.
Unfortunately, I can't use .reset_session because I'm in IDL v5.2
IDL> help, !Version,/Str
** Structure !VERSION, 5 tags, length=40:
   ARCH            STRING    'sparc'
   OS              STRING    'sunos'
   OS_FAMILY       STRING    'unix'
   RELEASE         STRING    '5.2'
   BUILD_DATE      STRING    'Oct 30 1998'


Ben Tupper

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science