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Re: How to do minor gridlines?

Frank Holland (f.holland@fz-juelich.de) writes:

> I'd like to do major AND minor gridlines in a x-y plot. However, setting
> XTICKLEN = 1.0 increases only the length of major tickmarks while the
> minor tickmarks remain unchanged. Strangely enough, setting XTICKLEN to
> a negative number changes the length of both, minor and major tickmarks,
> but of course doesn't produce the grid I want to see.
> Any ideas?

I think you are going to have to finesse this. I'd try
something like this:

   PRO Example
   data = Findgen(101)
   Plot, data, YStyle=4, /NoData, XTickFormat='(A1)', $
      XTicklen=1, XTicks=25, XMinor=1, XGridStyle=2
   Plot, data, /NoErase, XTicks=5, XMinor=1, XTicklen=1


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