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Re: plot range in Object Graphics

I think you also have to apply the same normalization (xcoord_conv) the
rest of the plot has, to the one you are adding. In cases like this, I
tried also keeping plot limits in an array, to avoid multiple looped
queries to IDLgrPlots contained in my graph. This way, it is easy to
reset the limits of the axes if, lets say, you remove the plot that
caused axes to extend to a certain limit.

Brad Gom wrote:
> Now I want to go one further. In my object I want to add and remove plot lines
> to the model without creating new axes. When initializing my object, I go
> through the steps above. So here's my question:
> Suppose I've set up some axes and a IDLgrPlot that have xranges of [0,8.5]. If
> I want to add a second IDLgrPlot with x data values that go from -1 to 10, and
> have the plot lines end exactly at the axes at x=0 and x=8.5, all I have to do
> is get the cxrange and cyrange from the existing axis, and use this for the
> xrange and yrange of the new IDLgrPlot.
> Is this correct?r