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Re: Max memory on IRIX?

Dave Wyble (wyble@cis.rit.edu) writes:

> We're having some memory difficulties. The problem is that we cannot
> seem to get IDL to use any more than about 1.2GB of RAM. We have tons of
> swap space allocated, and have verified that it is used correctly. No
> matter what we do, IDL seems to have a maximum amount of memory it will
> give us, and then no more is to be had.
> The procedure is to simply allocate storage:
> z1 = fltarr(1000,1000,20)
> z2 = ...
> until the out of memory error occurs. We monitor system memory and swap
> space used. There is nothing else running on the machine, and since we
> don't approach the 8GB limit of physical memory, swap space doesn't seem
> to come into play.
> The system specifics are:
> SGI Onyx2
> 8 CPUs
> 8 GB memory
> IDL 5.2 or 5.3 (identical results)
> Any ideas out there?

I don't know any of the details, but I do know IDL 5.4
is meant to address the problem of working with large
data sets. This may well be one of the problems they are
working on. I'd check with RSI.


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