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Re: /MODAL makes widgets disappear

D. Mattes (dmattes@u.washington.edu) writes:

> here is the code that builds the widget hierarchy, and the widget event
> handler.  it's not that much code, so i included all of it.  maybe it has
> something to do with the implicit x-sizing of the cw_field.  but why would
> that depend only on whether it was spawned as a modal widget???

My, God! This looks like code the IDL GUI-Builder would spit out. :-(

Yes, I suspect all that specific sizing that is going on to get
things looking right on the PC is not working correctly on
a UNIX machine. I don't know what the MODAL keyword
has to do with it, but I'm not surprised about having problems.
The GUI-Builder is inherently ill-suited to producing platform-
independent code, IMHO.

My suggestion is to take 15 minutes and code this up
with column and row bases (and get rid of the Common
blocks while you are at it) and you will be fine.



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