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Similar to (Matlab) imfeature

Hi everybody.

I was wondering if somebody could help me on the following problem. I am
currently developing IDL software which is able to compute shape features of
a set of objects present in a binary image. Some of the characteristics
which are commonly used to analyze the shape of 2D objects are perimeter,
area, elongation, feret, compactness, etc.

I have seen that the image processing toolbox of Matlav v.5.2 and 5.3 has a
procedure (imfeature.m) that performs these operations. I would be grateful
if somebody could give me pointers to similar procedures built in IDL.

Many thanks in advance,

Antonio Plaza Miguel
Computer Science Department
Escuela Politécnica, Universidad de Extremadura
Avda. de la Universidad s/n, 10.071
Cáceres (SPAIN)