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Re: "Unsupported X Windows visual" ALMOST!


    I don't work much now using IDL +linux but I may have some
ideas for my struggle a few months ago.

Saeid Zoonematkermani wrote:
>So the questions are:
>- how do I get the window to auto refresh after being covered or

> minimized

    As for the refresh settings, you should use the 'device,retain=X',
where X=1 or 2 to ask IDL or the system to do the backstore.

> - how do I use standard color tables

     As for using the pseudo 8-mode, I'm afraid it is not supported
by XFree. This is an X server problem. Try (in a linux shell, not
in IDL) 'xdpyinfo'. This will give you all modes currently supported
by your X server.
   AFAIK, XFree in truecolor mode does not support pseudocolor,
or DirectColor (you need either one for manipulating color tables)
So either you change your global X color depth and view everything
in 8-bit mode (this *may* add support to pseudo color), or
you must use another X server (not free), which supports either
pseudocolor, or DirectColor.
    I know there is a 100$ or so X Server which you can try,
but I can't remember the name.

    The only other way to go is to use TrueColor instead of
pseudocolor... Depending on your program, you may or may
not want to give up using color tables...

    Hope this helped


PS: a *very* similar question was asked in january
or december, so you may want to make
a research via dejanews

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