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"Unsupported X Windows visual" ALMOST!


I seem to be having the same problem but with less severity though it is
still rather inconvenient.

This is a new machine and I installed RH 6.1 on it. Originally I was not
able to run any graphics command and I would get the dreaded X visual
not supported. After installing XFree86 4.0 (as suggested in an earlier
post), the graphics started working but the window does not refresh
itself. If any part of the plot window is covered, it is gone for good.
Also I don't know how to get to the pseudo 8-bit mode so I can use
standard color tables. 

So the questions are:
- how do I get the window to auto refresh after being covered or
- how do I use standard color tables

Below is the output from 'help, /device'. The graphic card is Diamond
Viper 770D which uses NVIDIA TNT2 chipset.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

- Saeid Zoonematkermani
IDL Version 5.2 (linux x86). Research Systems, Inc.
IDL> help, /device
Current graphics device: X
    Server: X11.0, The XFree86 Project, Inc, Release 4000
    Display Depth, Size: 24 bits, (1280,1024)
    Visual Class: TrueColor (4)
    Bits Per RGB: 8
    Physical Color Map Entries (Used / Total): 256 / 256
    Colormap: Private, 16777216 colors.  Translation table: Enabled
    Graphics pixels: Decomposed,	Dither Method: Ordered
    Write Mask: 16777215 (decimal) ffffff (hex)
    Graphics Function: 3 (copy)
    Current Font: <default>,	Current TrueType Font: <default>
    Default Backing Store: Req from Server.