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Re: "Unsupported X Windows visual" ALMOST!

Saeid Zoonematkermani wrote:

> So the questions are:
> - how do I get the window to auto refresh after being covered or
> minimized

Try DEVICE, RETAIN=2, this tells IDL to store the parts of the windows
which are covered by others. On my SUN here, DEVICE, RETAIN=1 works fine
and faster, because the SUN Xserver can do the backing store himself.
The RETAIN option can also be given as a keyword to WINDOW and

> - how do I use standard color tables

DEVICE, PSEUDO=8 should do the trick. XFree < 4.0 cannot handle this,
but I heard that with 4.0 it is possible to mix 8-bit and 24-bit
applications. If it doesn´t work, another possibility is to start a new
Xserver in 8 bit mode:

startx -- -bpp 8 :1
This starts a new Xserer with 8 bit depth on the display 1. You have to
switch between the sessions via Ctrl-Alt-F7/F8, but it works.