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Re: Overwriting printings

Simon de Vet wrote:
> I've been playing around with a montecarlo simulation. Since it is very
> boring to watch the program to do nothing while calculating 1000000
> iterations, I have it outputing the current result, which I can watch
> stream by. While the program is probably slowed down by this output, the
> psychological effect more than compensates for it.
> However, with 1000000 iterations come 1000000 lines of screen output,
> which is a little ackward.
> Is there a way to get IDL to overwrite the previous print output, rather
> than starting a new line? I'm running IDL in Linux..
> Simon

There's always David's even fancier progress meter at
http://www.dfanning.com/programs/showprogress__define.pro, or the similar one I
posted a year ago.   Both are pretty easy to use.  I think an update every 10s
or so should appease most psyche's.