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IDL 5.3 on PPC

There are three small detailes that I'd like to know if anybody else has seen:
1. When using built in editor, after hitting "save" for the open
procedure, a 1/4" wide, vertical white stripe appears in the editor
window, covering the text. If I compile the file, however, it disappears
from the text, but remains on the bottom scroll bar. Is that a feature
to make sure I compile my procedure files?
2. If I use variable watch window repeatedly to check a value of an
element of structure array, which is in turn a member of structure
array, IDL quits on me. First time it crashed in orderly manner (OS
reported a crash and asked to restart my Mac, which I did). Second time
IDL quit so politely that OS has not even noticed the ocurrence. It just
disappeared from the screen. Resizing variable watch window with complex
data structure in it caused this too, with a funny "hold" for a second
before IDL decided it had enough of mousing around.
3. When using them nice new "projects", RSI promised that when you close
it and open it later, the files that were open when you closed will
reopen for you. Does not happen. This is not a big deal, but is not as
promised, anyway.

I am not mentioning that with syntax coloring, a commented out line in
the editor does not immediately change color, as it used to do in 5.2.1.

Didn't someone notice a sad fact that with a new release, people
evaluate it by trying their old code and, if it ran, they exclaim with
relief, "All right, it is not any worse than the old one!". It takes
longer to get to use newly available features, but new glitches are
easily noticeable in places they were not before.