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Re: Impressions on IDL for Macintosh?

In article <8jp2td$pi5$1@nnrp1.deja.com>, reardonb@my-deja.com wrote:

> Bernard,
> what sort of bugs? please specify. I've noticed that some widgets do not
> appear as nicely on the mac as on the PC.  The widget_table comes to
> mind. However, there are a lot of keyword settings for the widget_table
> so perhaps I am not setting something right. I (and the rest of the
> group) would be interested to here what problems you have run into.
> -Brian
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> Before you buy.

1) Impossibility to directly print in landscape mode.

2) Bug in import ascii macro: last fied missing in last step of 

3) When producing mpeg files with large image sizes, IDL memory 
allocation memory grows (say from 24Mb to 40Mb or more depending on size 
of images) and that memory is not returned when mpeg sequence is closed. 
(On the Mac I've never seen an application eat up more memory than what 
was allocated at launch time.)

minor bugs:

4) Variable watch doesn't display anything if it was not left open the 
last time IDL was quit (it can be activated by defining a variable with 
the prompt line when the window is already active)

5) When importing ascii variables with ascii_template, the window that 
appears is positioned completely off-screen and to shrinks at every 
click of the mouse.

6) The button to move up in the directory hierachy in the import image 
macro is inactive. (can be activated by first chosing a subdirectory).

Since all these bugs are present in rather basic functions, I am a bit 
concerned about the overall quality of the Macintosh port of IDL.