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Re: Impressions on IDL for Macintosh?

General comments:  I use IDL 5.3 on Macintosh, Linux, and, to a lesser 
extent, Windows.  I prefer IDL on the Mac, partially because I prefer 
the Mac in general.  The built-in IDL editor is clearly better on the 
Mac than on Linux or Windows.  I find a whole host of HI annoyances in 
the Windows version, but people who like Windows may not.

I cannot think of any bug that I have found in the Mac version that has 
not also been present in Linux version.  I have found two bugs (one HI, 
one numeric) in the Linux version that were not present in the Mac 

The development environment in the Linux version of 5.3 is much less 
stable than it has been in previous versions, but I have not been able 
to figure out any clear pattern to its crashes.  For now I have reverted 
to the terminal version and am hoping that 5.4 is better.

In article <bknaepenYYY-8FC0AE.11205403072000@news.ulb.ac.be>, Bernard 
<bknaepenYYY@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> 4) Variable watch doesn't display anything if it was not left open the 
> last time IDL was quit (it can be activated by defining a variable with 
> the prompt line when the window is already active)

This bug is also present in IDL for Linux, so I don't think it's 
Macintosh-specific.  I've not had an opportunity to test for this bug on 

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