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Re: Object Graphics Selection

I think the way to do this is to simply set the hide=1 property on the
objects you
don't want to be selected.  I don't think it is neccessary to redraw the
screen, if I recall.
You can hide, select and then unhide.

Mike Plonski

David Fanning wrote:
> Mark Guagenti (mgenti@evansville.net) writes:
> > I'm running into a problem when trying to select an object from my object
> > graphics window.  What I have is a image object in its own model that is
> > being displayed and then also various other objects, contained in another
> > model,  such as text objects or polyline objects that are "on top" of the
> > image object.  When I try to select an object it seems that only my image
> > object is being selected.  What I want is one of the other objects to be
> > selected.  How do I get it so that the image object cannot be
> > selected?  This is my first attempt of working with object
> > graphics! Thanks for any help!
> As always with object graphics, you have a surfeit of
> possible solutions. :-)
> Let me suggest two. First, I assume you are not rotating
> this view in 3D space, so I presume you are looking flat
> onto the XY place. Pull the model that does not contain
> the image a little closer to your eye. That is, give it
> a slightly positive Z value. This won't change the
> appearance of the view (since things are viewed as
> "one-on-top-of-the-other" anyway), but it will make sure
> that in the selection array the things that are closest
> are listed first. In other words, the image now will be
> the *last* item in the selection list instead of the
> first. If you always deal with the first item (what I
> suspect you are doing if this is your first attempt at
> object graphics), then this should immediately solve
> your problem.
> Another idea is to give each thing you hope to
> select a "name". Then, when you want to do something,
> look at the selection array for the "name" of the thing
> you want to manipulate. If the name is "IMAGE" forget it
> and go to the next item in the selection list, etc.
> Good luck.
> Cheers,
> David
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