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Re: Standalone IDL applications?

davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:

> I'm guessing that you haven't make this dialog a MODAL
> widget. You are probably relying on its ability to BLOCK
> in your non-runtime version, but that isn't happening in
> the run-time version (where by definition the "main" program
> always blocks the IDL command line). Set the DIALOG_PARENT
> keyword to the ID of your top-level base (or the widget you
> are calling the dialog from).

Okay, I have *no* idea why this should make the difference it does,
nor why it would fail in such a completely uninformative way, but this
does appear to be the solution :) Thank you very much!

Michael Cugley (mjcugley@medphys.dundee.ac.uk)