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Re: Standalone IDL applications?

Michael Cugley (mjcugley@tigger.medschool.dundee.ac.uk) writes:

> > I'm guessing that you haven't make this dialog a MODAL
> > widget. You are probably relying on its ability to BLOCK
> > in your non-runtime version, but that isn't happening in
> > the run-time version (where by definition the "main" program
> > always blocks the IDL command line). Set the DIALOG_PARENT
> > keyword to the ID of your top-level base (or the widget you
> > are calling the dialog from).
> Okay, I have *no* idea why this should make the difference it does,
> nor why it would fail in such a completely uninformative way, but this
> does appear to be the solution :) Thank you very much!

Well, it was 5AM and I was hurrying to get to my tennis game. :-)

Let me see if I can explain it better now with a cup of coffee
in hand.

The DIALOG_READ_IMAGE has to "stop" and get input from
the user. Then it is suppose to (I guess, I've given up
on the documentation long ago) go read the image data
and return it when you destroy the widget.

In your non-runtime version of the program, the program
that calls DIALOG_READ_IMAGE is a non-blocking widget.
That is, you have access to the IDL command line when
you run it. When you get to the DIALOG_READ_IMAGE part
of your code, DIALOG_READ_IMAGE blocks the command line
and waits for input, because it has been written to be
a blocking widget if you don't supply a group leader for
its top-level base. (This is the purpose of the DIALOG_PARENT

So far, so good. Everything works normally. But it is only
the FIRST blocking widget that actually blocks the IDL
command line (naturally, there is no point in blocking the
IDL command line multiple times).

What happens in a run-time version of the program is that
the program that calls DIALOG_READ_IMAGE is "made" a blocking
widget by virtue of its being a run-time program. That is
to say, *all* main programs are by definition blocking widgets,
since you never see an IDL command line in a run-time program.
Hence, DIALOG_READ_IMAGE is the *second* blocking widget program
and it runs right through its block. It doesn't stop at all!

The only way to get it to stop is to make it a *modal*
widget program, rather than a *blocking* widget program.
But you can only make a modal widget if you have a group
leader specified for it. (Some people, even programmers
at RSI who should know better, create a "fake" top-level
base for this purpose, but there are rules on some
operating systems that says a group leader must be a
realized widget, so there will be a little tiny window
somewhere on the display while the real widget program is
on the display. Ugly, IMHO.)

But, as I say, this is all explained with examples, etc.
in several widget articles on my web page. :-)



P.S. I presume it fails in such an uninformative way because
it is not really a *mistake* to write a program like this.
It's just not a very good idea. And certainly not if you 
want it to work properly. :-)

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