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Unix->Mac transition


We are transferring some IDL work from a UNIX (IDL5.2, SunOS Release 5.7
Generic) to a Mac (IDL5.3, MacOS 9).   I had cleverly thought that I
could simply ftp the bazillion .pro files from one to the other and
away-we-go!    Hope springs eternal and fools are born each day.   The
Mac IDLDE is not recognizing the .pro files.  We have set the file type
to IDL text (just as the RSI example code is set) using the Mac's file
exchange control panel.  No luck.   The OS seems to be insisting that
the .pro text files are actually 'applications'.    I'm beginning to
suspect that the UNIX flavor of text must be changed in some way to fool
the Mac.

Any suggestions welcome.  Thanks.


P.S. For what it's worth, the last Mac (a Mac PLUS)  I spent time with
had 4kb of memory, ran OS 6.01,  had a mouse that looked like one, and
didn't look so much like a tropical fish.   Oh ,Toto,  I don't think we
are in Kansas anymore!

Ben Tupper

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science