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Re: 3D Plot Manipulation

"Mark Hadfield" <m.hadfield@niwa.cri.nz> wrote in message
> Re my previous post, I have tried a few different methods of representing
> 3-D cloud of points in object graphics--see the attached .pro file. Having
> one graphics atom per data point is terribly slow if the number of points
> exceeds a few hundred. The best method I have been able to come up with so
> far is to use a single text object with one string per data point. With
> method it's feasible to deal with a few thousand points.

I have now written an object specifically for this purpose. It's called an
MGHgrScatterPlot and it represents each data point as a polyline in the x-y
plane, with all the polylines bundled into a single IDLgrPolyline object.
Now I can plot over 10,000 data points reasonably quickly. See


Mark Hadfield
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