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Re: Top 10 for young farts

Martin Schultz wrote:
> Well, maybe I am cheating here, but as I am still considered a "young
> scientist", I thought I could dare ;-)
> Working mostly on a Linux system and abhjorring the IDE (to me, it's
> just too cluttered, how can you live
> with three lines of 40 characters as an editor window?), I would very
> much like to see some more intelligence of the command line. There
> should be an auto-complete functionality (TAB would complete a command
> or give you a choice of options), and one should be able to jump back
> and forth with CTRL-arrow, HOME, and END, so that you don't get sore
> muscles when you edit commands previously entered (and you want to
> change the first of twenty arguments).
> Just a thought (and a new thread),
> Martin

I hear, I hear. Now what do we learn from this: why doesn't RSI adopt
(x)emacs as their official editor and IDE -- as far as I know, there
isn't even a license fee on it. And if they had just one person
dedicated to linking IDL and Emacs even closer together and providing a
consistent port to Windows and Mac, they could
(a) get moral gummibears for contributing to a GNU project, (b) let Unix
users feel that they are an important fraction of the customers, (c)
improve IDL's look and feel drastically. But if they don't want
to do this, it still wouldn't hurt to improve the command line just a
little bit. There are still folks in the world who are happy with vi.
And if I dial in from home, I can't open X windows, so I am stuck with
terminal type tools.


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