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Re: Top 10 IDL Requests


Paul van Delst wrote:
> I received another email from him just today (well, overnight - he's
> pounding away back in Oz). He apparently has nothing useful to do so he
> decided to replicate (basic) IDL-like functionality in Python. He's also
> communicating with various other Pythoners to incorporate numerical
> libraries. He sent me a screen capture and a PS output example of some
> trig function plots - looks pretty neat. *AND* he has window buttons for
> output. Only took him 5 days. Pretty flash I reckon. I asked him about
> images and contour/surface plots etc. I'm interestingly awaiting his
> reply.

This sounds interesting. I am curious to see such a thing. Can you tell
me how I can contact this guy ?

Thanks in advance.


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