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Back-projection of scatter-plot


I have two images, img1 and img2, and a scatter-plot of them: plot,
img1, img2. Now I want so select a region in the plot, and get back all
pixels contained in that region. I wrote some code that works, but it is
quite slow, so I'm asking if someone here has a better idea.

What I did so far:
 x and y are arrays with the coordinates of the polygon I drew in the
scatter-plot window. First, I convert them into the scale of [0,
resolution], with resolution being a value of about 100:
  x = round( x * resolution / ( !p.lclip[2]-!p.clip[0]+1 )
  y = round( y * resolution / ( !p.lclip[3]-!p.clip[1]+1 )

Now I get the subscripts for this region:
  subs = polyfillv( x, y, resolution, resolution )

I convert those back to x and y vectors:
  xx = subs mod resolution
  yy = subs  /  resolution

I scale the images to the same range:
  img1 = fix( img1 * resolution / !x.crange )
  img2 = fix( img2 * resolution / !y.crange )

And then I loop through all elements, using WHERE() to find all pixels
correcponding to the actual pixel:
  result = 0B * img1
  for i = 0L, n_elements( xx ) do begin
    index = where( xx[i] eq img1 and yy[i] eq img2 )
    if ( index[0] ne -1L ) then result[index] = 1B

I thought of improving speed by not checking single pixels, but ranges:
index = where( xmin ge img1 and xmax le img1 and ymin ge img2 and ymax
le img2 ). This would back-project a rect region at once, and by filling
the drawn region with such squares speed might be improved a lot. But
filling a complex region recursevely with rectangles is complicated, and
maybe there is an elegant, tricky way, or maybe someone already did that
in IDL.

  Alex Schuster     Wonko@weird.cologne.de          PGP Key available