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Re: minimum timer event value?

"David Fanning" <davidf@dfanning.com> wrote in message
> Rick Towler (rtowler@u.washington.edu) writes:
> > I can't seem to generate events faster than maybe 2-3 per second
> > regardless of the value I set TIMER to.  I certainly can slow it down
> > with values of 1,2,5 etc. but values of .3, .1, .01 all seem to create
> > events of the same delay (around 2-3 per second).  I thought that this
> > may be processor dependent but the program seems to act the same on a
> > 300 MHz laptop and Dual 500 MHz desktop.
> ...
> But I do think the slowest of these variables is actually
> generating the event and putting it on the queue. 2-3
> per second sounds about right to me.

It sounds pretty slow to me! XINTERANIMATE uses widget timer events and it
runs along at 30 per second if the images are small. I regularly run my own
object graphics animator code at approx. 15 per second.

Re the minimum delay, I expect (but haven't checked) that on an Intel PC it
is equal to the granularity of the system timer, i.e. 55 ms.

Mark Hadfield
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