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Re: Scaling atoms & axes in object graphics

Martin Schultz (martin.schultz@dkrz.de) writes (for example):

> Within a graph (level 3), everything should be on a fix scale, i,e.
> using something similar to 
> Conv_Coord. However, "normal" coordinates for a graph would not be IDL's
> normal coordinates, but
> 0. and 1. would always correspond to the graph edges. The same holds for
> the panel, so that in order
> to position a graph on a panel you use the panel's "normal" coordinates.
> And once more for the
> page, only that here you may want to take care of the printable area or
> user defined page margins,
> so that 0. to 1. refers to the portion of the page that will receive
> some ink or toner when 
> printed. For a screen window, on the other hand, you ignore the page
> margins, of course. 

Martin, may I make a suggestion? Could you either
turn the word-wrap in your news reader off or
find that CR key more often? You are breaking up
so badly that it is distracting me from your
awfully good advice. I fear I'm not alone. :-)



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