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Re: Scaling atoms & axes in object graphics

"Paul van Delst" <pvandelst@ncep.noaa.gov> wrote in message
> Mark Hadfield wrote:
> >
> The only comment I have is to reiterate something you mentioned - the
> ability to scale axes independently is *very* important, e.g. zoom the
> x-axis but leave the y-axis alone. I do that as much as rescaling both
> (in DG).

Yes, having thought about it overnight I think that is a *major* plus of
approach A. If all the axes and atoms share the same data space, then every
time you rescale in (say) the Y direction, all the X axes vanish off the top
and bottom of the view (or congregate in the middle) and you have to
reposition them.

Mark Hadfield
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