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Re: Using Comm... err, alternative?

David Fanning wrote:
> The more relevant question, it seems to me, is why
> in the world would you care? Multiple windows on the
> display are going to be mixed up by the user anyway.
> Why try to go to any effort to order them?

My idea was, if a user creates several plot windows during an ad-hoc
session, then he can overplot from command line to any one of them by
just bringing it to the foreground. I am beginning to think that a
common block is appropriate here, because I see no other way to link an
existing widget with command-line executed code.

> These things seem just a bit overzealous to me.
> There are a LOT of keyboard focus events, apparently,
> because I find them doing a LOT of drawing. They are
> making me nervous. I don't like anyone who is so *eager*. :-(

I have not had problems with focus events. I haven't used them
everywhere (and, in fact, with *keyboard*), but in this case, when all I
have is a base widget and a draw widget, it seems to me that the only
time I get events returned is when I put the base in the foreground or
background (by clicking a mouse button). Am I missing something?