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Re: Using Comm... err, alternative?

Pavel Romashkin wrote:
> David Fanning wrote:
> >
> > The more relevant question, it seems to me, is why
> > in the world would you care? Multiple windows on the
> > display are going to be mixed up by the user anyway.
> > Why try to go to any effort to order them?
> My idea was, if a user creates several plot windows during an ad-hoc
> session, then he can overplot from command line to any one of them by
> just bringing it to the foreground. I am beginning to think that a
> common block is appropriate here, because I see no other way to link an
> existing widget with command-line executed code.

Am I being obtuse or couldn't you just use the provided !D.WINDOW sysvar in the
focus event callback simply as:


I do this all the time at the same time as resetting colors.  All plot commands
then go to the relevant chosen window.  One issue is with using tracking events
for the callback, so that by the time the user has returned to the command line,
another window has been unintentionally entered.  You can also try expose and/or
keyboard focus events.

Or is this an object graphics thing?  I'm embarrassed to say that I have yet to
invoke a single O.G. command.  Too many case changes and underlines make my code
ugly (IDL_ThisDISPlays_a_VIEWofaModel_withinAConTainerofWindowsgrdotcom).


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