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Re: Font Encoding Problem

"Martin Schultz" <martin.schultz@dkrz.de> wrote in message
> Mark Hadfield wrote:
> >
> > Having made sure you have the right font selected and that formatting
> > commands are enabled, etc, represent the percent sign with !Z(2030).
> >
> ... but doesn't seem to work for Linux

>    xyouts,0.5,0.5,'!Z(2030)',/NORM
> only put out a zero.

Well, to make it work you must ensure that an appropriate
Unicode-supporting, Truetype font is selected. I don't think the fonts
bundled with IDL (Helvetica, etc) support Unicode. This page...


...lists various Unicode fonts. Quite a few of the fonts bundled with recent
versions of Windows (Arial, Times New Roman, etc) support a subset of the
full Unicode glyph set called WGL4. To use them with IDL I *think* you just
need to get a copy of the font file and put it in the right place. There are
a couple of links on the above page that deals with Linux, Unix and X11
issues--I do not know what relevance they have to IDL on Linux/Unix.

Mark Hadfield
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