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Re: contour fill

davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> Leaving aside the observation that getting *something*
> to work is not exactly the same as getting the *right*
> thing to work, I'm still concerned that the poor fellow
> is not working on the right thing. :-(
> Unless your goal is some kind of pseudo-science, working
> with the representation of the data rather than the data
> itself is rarely a good idea.

He was asking *how?*.  You are asking *why?*.  Both are fair

You wondered why a basic threshold wouldn't work.  I think his reply
was that he wanted to select a *particular* contour.  When there are
several peaks in the data then a simple threshold will not work.  As I
pointed out the hardest part in the algorithm I gave is selecting the
right contour.  [And I gave a posible heuristic to decide.]


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