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Log axis tickvalue format

No doubt an oft asked question .... but I do not find it in my 'help box',
the FAQ, or even in David's book ..... :-( I am using PV Wave 6.01 on a
Solaris box.

I am plotting simple x-y data with log axes, and, while the x axis labels
are of the form "10 raised to an integer" (i.e. the  PV Wave format


where n is an integer). However the y axis (which just spans the range
0.00001 to 0.0001 - just one decade) has the decimal representation.
How can I force those labels to be in the same format as those of the 
x axes. Obviously, I would like to avoid specifying an array of labels
and using them as that would become cumbersome when many decades are 
spanned. The example log axis plot in the PV Wave User's Guide has 4
decades of data with the labels in "Fortran real" format. In any case,
why does PV Wave choose the "nice" format for the x axis?!

I guess I am looking for a clever use of a keyword or the format 
specification of the YTICKFORMAT keyword. 

Thanks in advance,

Surendar Jeyadev         jeyadev@wrc.xerox.com